People, winter is here :)

Published 29 November 05 12:43 AM

I am just back from the wedding ceremony of my colleague. It was a nice and descent ceremony really enjoyed the time – I guess it was coz of the fact that my old office friends were there.

While coming back I really enjoyed really fast driving and cold wind coming inside. I really enjoyed the fast driving on almost empty roads of Lahore. Speed is addiction. While driving fast I always remember quote of my boss… Noel once said that speed is thrilling, provided it is controlled – and always remember that there is a very thin line between controlled and uncontrolled speed. Just for you info, in his youth, Noel had owned world’s fastest car :)

I simply love cold winter nights. End of November is here and still there is no rain. I am sad.

And my ending remarks - human relationships are very difficult and complex things - hardest possible thing on God's green earth to maintain.

by fahad
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