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Suggestion Needed...
22 December 05 02:33 PM
I am planning to write a piece of software which will manage a car's maintenance schedule. I will be using Visual Studio 2005. Shall I make it web based system? Or a thick client? Just for your information, I don't have ASP .NET 2.0 hosting. Read More...
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Lotus Notes SUCKS!
22 December 05 12:39 PM
I have just typed an email in Lotus Notes and now want to perform spell check. Since Lotus Notes is *SO* user friendly, I unable to locate whether it offers such support or not. I am trying to copy / paste the text into MS Word and I am getting following Read More...
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07 December 05 07:51 PM
Yes, today I missed the road show by Microsoft. I got late and you know coz of whom ? Well... nevermind... Now coming back to the point, Mr Ayy Bee, about you saying that I always put the party thread in delay mode, I was very busy in office work. Today Read More...
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