Published 07 December 05 07:51 PM

Yes, today I missed the road show by Microsoft. I got late and you know coz of whom? Well... nevermind...

Now coming back to the point, Mr Ayy Bee, about you saying that I always put the party thread in delay mode, I was very busy in office work. Today BD guys have given demo at TLT Thailand of the prototype and according to the latest news, they are quite impressed by the work which has been done. So more work coming up...

Annual evaluations are coming up. I will be interviewed tomorrow or might be day after tomorrow. Lets see what happens :) And now about the rest of the week, I will be working for NetSolCQ UK. They are planning to build next generation Leasing software. Great thing is that they are doing it all using .NET 2.0.

And you there Mister Ayy Bee, yes I am waiting for next year's November rain. Lets see how I will be doing by then. And about Noel's email addy, arright, I will email you personally. About the wedding, a nice lady who was part of inBanking QA team got married.

About last question, seriously *no comments*

And I think I have got 30/30 :D

Anybody heard "Streets of Love" by Rolling Stones?

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