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You only have to be right only once!

This is ,by far, the best thing i read in a long long time. I have been a victim of this, i have gone all through this , but i just couldn't say it because i am not the best one to say that and put it in words the way Mark Cuban put it. I thank God i didn't say/write that because people would have gone mad :) Here are some exceprts and little bit of a rant down the road.

I like to tell the story of how I started up a bar, Motley’s Pub when I wasn’t even of legal drinking age the summer before my senior year at Indiana University. No one really asks me how it turned out. It was great until we got busted for letting a 16-year-old win a wet t-shirt contest (I swear I checked her ID, and it was good!).

No one really asks me about my adventures working for Mellon Bank, or Tronics 2000, or trying to start a business selling powdered milk (it was cheaper by the gallon, and I thought it tasted good). They don’t ask me about working as a bartender at night at Elans when I first got to Dallas, or getting fired from my job at Your Business Software for wanting to close a sale rather than sweeping the floor and opening up the store.

No one ever asked me about what it was like when I started MicroSolutions and how I used to count the months I was in business, hoping to outlast my previous endeavors and make this one a success.

Gees, this is so true. No one asks you how things are turning out for you. People are only good at seeing people with success. If you go through a failure no one is even interested in listening to success you had before that failure. Even worst you will often come across people criticizing your failures in such a way that you might be thinking to change the course drastically.

Over the period of time, i have learnt to say NO and partially listen to those who really are not interested in your ideas. Yes, your surroundings does matter. Tell you what? Its not bad at all to talk about automated washrooms and all that in Microsoft corridors.This really is important, you have to keep the company of those who doesn't discourage you, atleast if they can't encourage.Its you who has to go through all the pain and hope that this one will be a success. Repeat this after me, ONLY YOU. Thou shall be doomed to dementia if you didn't repeat that after me :-)


With every effort, I learned a lot. With every mistake and failure, not only mine, but of those around me, I learned what not to do. I also got to study the success of those I did business with as well. I had more than a healthy dose of fear, and an unlimited amount of hope, and more importantly, no limit on time and effort.

Then when I took that money and started trading technology stocks that were in the areas that MIcroSolutions focused on. I remember vividly being told how lucky I was to have expertise in such a hot area, as technology stocks started to trade up.

Of course, no one wanted to comment on how lucky I was to spend time reading software manuals, or Cisco Router manuals, or sitting in my house testing and comparing new technologies, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

The point of all this is that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and either should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because…

All that matters in business is that you get it right once.

Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.

This is true, very true. You have to get it right once and then everyone can tell you how lucky you are. Most of the people think that you have to be in a different league and must carry genes of a special person to be successful. Plain wrong. Even worst, people think that successful people are just nice and clean entities, who can't bring up a failure.People will even forgive a successful person even if he had been chasing girls or doing all the nasty stuff in the town.No one really cares about failures and this is why 99.99% of people know that Microsoft is the first and only company Bill Gates started off with. Bill Gates was lucky( Though hard work comes along, however, if you think he was not lucky then you have to gather a lot of courage and guts to come up with an arugment that deny this fact). By the way Microsoft was not the first company he founded.  Before Microsoft he started off with Traf-O-Data.

Successful people are neat, they just don't do anything silly. They are like a perfect pen that can even write on a dirty and distored paper. They have all the great looks in the world, which can easily bring Heather Graham knocking down their door.They are just so smart and they even don't pee like we do. Oh come on. Not ironically and certainly,I do not buy that. I think successful people make more mistakes that a normal man can make in his whole life. They even study,analyze and read about mistakes that other people have made.

I have been planning to write some articles but i don't find enough time. As i think these unconnected points might not be able to bring up a point that is convincing. So i end here with these unconnected points with a hope that i have been successful in wasting your time:-)


Published Friday, February 24, 2006 7:14 AM by fakeGeek


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