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Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :)

There are some comments to previous post and i would like to clarify them through a blog post RATHER THAN posting a comment to a comment. I guess in blogs comment is the only evil. Usually they point themselves nowhere, just like an unguided missile :)

Well, seriously i don't know where comments are heading to. I don't own Microsoft and don't own their stock either. However, numbers still tell you that IE is on top. Though , it is possible that they might loose that in future. Microsoft is copying features? Is that new? This is what they have been doing since long :)

I don't care if Google missed it because of Firefox/Firefox-owner or not, but don't you ask the shopkeeper before buying an expensive rather mega-expensive product ? For that matter, you would do extensive market research and you won't care if the shopkeeper hires someone who has built that mega-expensive product, primarily to convince customers, if you know what i mean? The only exception to this is you have piles of money and you are mad, which in itself is a big exception :)
Google is supporting for Open Source? Huh. Microsoft has been shipping for MAC, so ? There are some open source projects being supported by Microsoft. Moreover, i guess you don't use Gmail and if do then i guess you might have seen errors produced by it. Have you read their EULA? It states that Google can delete your accounts even without a prior notice and i have even heard that they have blocked some accounts. So all might rush and get some backups. Come on softwares are meant to be broken, a little bit is always ok :)

Now please don't assume that i am a hardcore Microsoft fan, i love Google as much as any technology enthusiast do but i guess we should be flexible enough to praise whenever we come across any cool technology OR ELSE Microsoft lovers will tell you that if you can't stop blaming Microsoft then first go and come up with something better than that:)

Lastly,We all must clearly know or better yet ask some one how to differeniate between an opinion and a fact. Facts are facts and generated by respected and authentic bodies. Opnions, however, should be backed by well supported arguments.Because people spread opnions based on other people opnions so we must try to feel the responsibility. Again if you know what i mean?
I don't mean to offend anyone and i don't intend to start a flamewar either. I respect everybody's opnions and thank people who take time off to read and comment on this blog. I really do. 

Please don't assume from this blog entry that i don't want any one to comment. Your advice has always been very welcome and i guess its this feedback that motivates someone to blog. So lets launch an avalanche of feed back:)

Published Friday, March 24, 2006 5:01 PM by fakeGeek


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Saturday, March 25, 2006 9:58 AM

dude you seriously need to do some homework about google,regarding google opensource,i think you have not heard about google code jam(www.google.com/codejam),its not about shipping anyway,Google's new toolbar is MS based so does it sound that they favoring Microsoft technologies?you analogy doesn't work here.I gave you example of Ben coz u said Google missed because of Firefox,which was wrong.

you said:
but don't you ask the shopkeeper before buying an expensive rather mega-expensive product ?

What do you mean by that?how does it fit with IE case?I use IE coz i am asked to do it,there was time when i was big fan of Nestscape(v3 days),then when IE4 came out in market and Netscape got sucked,i uninstalled NS and i kept using it since i didnt hear about FireFox.FF sucked in early stages,memory leak,slow browsing,heavy memory print(it still exists but overcome a lot).

at my office,most of people use IE,i try to make thigs for both IE and FF,i know its my individual effort but it still matters.
Yes its true IE is widely used but its also fact that alternative of IE is not a weak competitior at all.ppl use IE not coz its good,but because MS ships it with Windows(wickedness right)?

now since IE7 wont be shipped with future MS version anymore,then we wil see who wins the battle.Dont call IE best coz of usage,its all due to wicked policies of MS.

And i am not a big anti-MS person either,i love technologies,whether its  by MS or by Opensource or google.But its true MS hides your error while others technologies expose them and i dont favor this at all.

Yes i do use GMAIL,regarding errors,don't you see big BETA on top?what are you expecting from a beta product?Google's beta are million times better than MS' final products who always depend on service packs.MS dont release lesser than 5 service packs for their product.Poor QA i must say?.

as I cleared,MS ruled over software via wicked policies,unhealthy competition.Yes there are good alternative of MS solutions,I have used EVOLUTION on linux which is like Outlook but unlike outlook,it doesnt get crashed.FF is another best alternative,even IE copies Tabbed browsing feature now.

do you know about new IIS7?it now copies architecture of Apache for configuration system,that is keeping configuraton in files rather embedding in software itself.Why MS is copying to Apache,according to you they are better?And i think there is no need to argue about that Apache is better than IIS.I am not blamig to MS ,just expoising the facts since you are keen to know about facts.

Dont worry ,m not gonna start some fight with you either:>


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Saturday, March 25, 2006 10:39 AM

ops sorry for duplicate post,new was slow here so i saw blank page


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Saturday, March 25, 2006 10:57 AM

OK, Round 1 :) Let me roll up my sleeves and digg deeper into issues. We must understand its just a healthy debate , let the good times roll by:)
First off, there is something known as acquisition strategy i.e. how do you go about acquiring a company. Neither me OR you can rightly figure out the factors that motivated Google to buy Writely. All i was saying that in order to get bought by some other company there are usually three factors. One, an innovative product that has created quite a buzz and it has same goal, vision and direction as the acquiring company. Second, product shall have quite a user base. Large number of people are already using it. Thirdly but not necessarily creators have some credibility. Writely had all three factors stacked in their backpack. I was *just* saying that ajaxWrite has missed quite a userbase by not releasing for IE, though you rightly pointed that its their strategy.
Further, first mover advantage is also very important. Look at del.icio.us, flickr, digg and Writely. It is also being rumoured that as Google is making a big sweep around Yahoo and other companies, it is possible that they come up with an online word processor. For all previously mentioned factors, Writely looked like a perfect choice. Moreover, Writely was also a wall street-flier. Big profilers were talking about Writely so it already had quite a reputation and buzz going down the road. Here is the Web 2.0 wall street blog entry where Writely was named best software in its category

i don't see ajaxWrite anywhere , oops :)
So considering all this factors i insist Google rightly missed ajaxWrite. But there is a downside to this argument that can be discussed. 'ajaxWrite' being not so hyped and not-so-famous software, they could have bought ajaxWrite for little bucks and they could have ported it every major browser. But again, why iPOD sells like hot cakes where there are better MP3 players.
As for Netscape is concerned, they were their own enemey first and second was Microsoft. Yup, Microsoft did play foul. But read the history in detail. I guess there were some factors that motivated BillG to play foul. But whatever the reason was, Microsoft should be pleaded guilty for winning browser wars.
About BETA and invite-only, well dude this is just a stroke of marketing genious. If millions of users are using your product then you can not just take away the criticism by saying they are in BETA. Why the heck they are deleting Gmail accounts, just to show off their power or what? One point you didn't mention that i would have supported is GMail really changed the way we do email. GMail was truly a heck of a product and well backed with marketing genius. Hotmail and Yahoo had most users but they didn't rely on relentless innovatin, hence they have paid a big price.
You say, Microsoft ships bad products. Dude, don't make erroneous comments if you have not read history. Microsoft has had cancelled projects that ran for years eating hunderds of thousands of dollars just because they could not reduce the bug count. So this is hell of a thing to do.
Lastly, Microsoft do copy features and they shall be blamed for that. In my opnion copying features in software business, to some extent, must not be taken as illegitimate activity. Copying to some extent is ok, otherwise you can't leverage your software. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily is also an art :)
Yes, i like to know FACTS. But for that matter, i would read some good books, listen to some well-respected authority on the subject and lastly use my own mind to make a opinion. I won't go listen to some random dude off the street :)
Oops, this is the biggest comment i ever have posted :) You made my day KAdnan :) OK, lets not make this an endless debate but keep your comments coming, i know they will :)


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Saturday, March 25, 2006 1:04 PM

i know u have got pissed and have taken it seriously on heart,no wonder MS people do react like that and I am not surprised.

first of all change your attitude,your attitude like "I dnont care" or "I dont listen others or to me" wont lead you to anywhere,such arogant attitude is harmful for you only.

If you ask me,i would sure listen you because i believe that i can learn from everyone on earth.Some things are good,while others are bad,its upto me what i adopt.

Second thing why google went for writely or not for ajaxwrite.I dont know at all maybe writely is a bit older product than Ajaxwrite.Whole issue is IE.EVen if IE was developed by Opensource community,i was still going to curse it.Nothing personal with MS itself but its products.You cant close your and kept saying "Sab acha hay" about Microsoft technologies.I gave you example of IIS that how they copied apache arcitecture in newer version.Why did they do that?They copied google and released Desktop search.MS invented ActiveX and they are gonna kill it just coz competitors using it against Microsoft itself.

Xmlhttp() was microsoft invention but google cleverly used it for Gmail and now MS ppl whine that they used it first in Web version of Outlook:>

You cant deny fact that you get as many trojans and spyware from IE than anyother browser.Unlike IE,i dont need to keep security level high on my Firefox.There was a time when a simple vbscript could screw your outlook.Microsoft is learning but very slow.AS i said,IE is popular because its shipped with Windows itself.Solaris ships its own OS on Solaris servers and they can claim that their OS is popular on solaris machines?BTW, mY ISP where i work is solaris equipped and one of our ISP server is up for last 7 years and we havne not made any reinstallation yet that is NO Crash,you would merely find such example that windows server is up for last 5/6 years.

Yes i agree MS VS non MS debat is old and endless therefore i woudnt argue with you more.

you referred a URL for best software,does it make Writely BETTER than Ajax write?u r kidding right?I would love to know when Ajaxwrite was lunched and if Autor is non biased and had seen the ajaxwrite,he coudnot ignore it.Bet it:)

do visit IE blog(http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/)

and ask them that why you get more trojans on IE and also ask why dont they follow CSS2.0 completely :>

p.s:again,change your attitude friend,you sound too much like MS lovers:).No hard feelings,have fun and yes it was my last post about this issue.

and you can ease yourself by writing "Adnan" only:>


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Saturday, March 25, 2006 1:08 PM

"You say, Microsoft ships bad products. Dude, don't make erroneous comments if you have not read history. Microsoft has had cancelled projects that ran for years eating hunderds of thousands of dollars just because they could not reduce the bug count."

Why the heck they didnt cancel IE?Would you like to elaborate?i have disabled ActiveX due to this friggin installation of spybots without any intimation.

Why still Windows is unstable ,why didnt they cancel it?do you know why Vista is keep getting delayed?they dont wana suffer another embarassment which they have been facing for years(remember Windows 98 launch show?) ;)


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Saturday, March 25, 2006 1:29 PM

Well, all i would say in this regard is that i am dissapointed. About my attitude, i clearly mentioned that it would be a healthy discussion SO decide about the *attitude* thing. Moreover, i never claimed i am a die-hard Microsoft fan and neither i am OR want to be, people around me clearly identify me as a technology enthusiast. Thats about it.If it is about loosing or winning a debate, i would say i loose if that makes you happy.
Oh and yes, that was NOT your lost post. I rather guess this blog thing is too good for me and i shall better decide if it is my last blog post ever :(


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Sunday, March 26, 2006 1:10 AM

"Yes, i like to know FACTS. But for that matter, i would read some good books, listen to some well-respected authority on the subject and lastly use my own mind to make a opinion. I won't go listen to some random dude off the street :)"

Yes a person with such attitude is difficult to handle,for you famous author and books are enough to accept facts while for me facts are not dependant on books or other people. believe in facts which i experience myself,whatever i said about IE or MS technologies as my personal experience,hehe shud one expect good words for Java in C# book?:)

IE Sucks i still believe in that.The whole issue was not MS or non MS but IE itself and i gave you reasons why it sucks.

There is nothng personal at all.You came up with a point about Firefox and google,i refuted it then you replied "I dont care" which is not a good sprit anyway.For us Both MS and non MS softwares r same,tht is we can get both in Rs.30 CD;)

so have fun with coding


# re: Comments on 'agaxWrite' V 1.1 :) @ Sunday, March 26, 2006 3:03 AM

I have decided to dedicate this blog to those who think THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Writing a blog from this perspective will be fun :)

Somebody here @ Weblogs gave me a reasonable advice to enjoy and *ignore* , so from this point on i will *enjoy* and *ignore*.
I wonder when will your LAST post be posted :) Because long time back you said 'It was my last post in this regard'
Yes, you are right. Nothing personal, things such as who has attitude problems and who score points should be left to the audience to decide.
P.S As i said make a *healthy debate*. If done, everyone should have learnt. I again apologize if i offended someone, i never meant it to be. Lets finish it off right here and no more comments will be accepted in this thread. *Enjoy* and *Ignore* is the new Mantra :)


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