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Time to say Good Bye!!!

I guess its good time to say good bye. I really guess this blog thing is too good for me and besides putting a lot of efforts i could not learn the traits that are considered to be ethical. I am just one unfortunate person who could not publish his thoughts openly through the most open communication medium i.e. blogs. I know recent incident is not so pushy to pull off and things similar to this usually happen on internet. But i guess it has come to a point where i really can't move on. I tried to move on but there i was-------stuck again. I realize that was totally my fault. Somebody was just posting his comments and i tried to move "between my computer and his computer" :) But i would say, i am just a technology enthusiast NOT just a MSFT die-hard fan, even if others have to disagree. Lastly, my humble apologies to those who got hurt. I really do.

Another problem with this medium of communication is that you can't change your audience, and i don't dare to, so the easiest way i can figure out is to move yourself out of the loop. So all in all, i had great time, lots of wonderful people here talking about wonderful things. It was great to be a part of such a place and i know these people will keep me coming back to this great place. Thanks for everyone who dropped in and provided feedback. Wish everyone luck. Take care. Hasta La Vista.



Published Sunday, March 26, 2006 7:05 PM by fakeGeek


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