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Masood Ahmad Shah

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JUNOS Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces

Aggregated ethernet interface increases bandwidth, provides graceful degradation as failure occurs, and of course increases availability.

To configure an aggregated ethernet interface on Juniper's boxes, you can use the link aggregation feature to aggregate one or more links to form a virtual link.The client will treat this virtual link as if it were a single link.

To configure aggregated ethernet interfaces, using the JUNOS CLI:

1.Specify the number of aggregated ethernet interfaces to be created:

[edit chassis]
jahil@Voyager#set aggregated-devices device-count 2

2.Specify the minimum number of links for the aggregated Ethernet interface (aex):, that is, the defined bundle, to be labeled “up”: 

[edit interfaces]
jahil@Voyager#set ae0 aggregated-ether-options minimum-links 2

3.Specify the link speed for the aggregated ethernet bundle:

[edit interfaces]
jahil@Voyager#set ae0 aggregated-ether-options link-speed 1g

4.Specify the members to be included within the aggregated ethernet bundle:

[edit interfaces]
jahil@Voyager#set ge-0/1/0 ether-options 802.ad ae0
jahil@Voyager#set ge-1/1/0 ether-options 802.ad ae0

5.Specify an interface family for the aggregated ethernet bundle:

[edit interfaces]
jahil@Voyager#set ae0 unit 0 family inet address

Note: An interface with an already configured IP address cannot form part of the aggregation group.

Published Thursday, July 30, 2009 2:01 PM by jahil

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