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Masood Ahmad Shah

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JUNOS Command Completion

The JUNOS command completion feature saves you lots of time and energy, and it provides syntax checking as you type. Gone are the days when you type a command on a line and after you press Enter the command is either invalid or not supported on that version of software. Any error or ambiguity will be detected early, and the router/switch will present a list of valid completions for the current command.

You can disable command completion on a per-login basis by modifying the CLI environment with an operational mode set cli command:

jahil@R1> set cli ?
Possible completions:
complete-on-space Set whether typing space completes current word

But a good reason to do so has not yet been noted.

You can evoke command completion by using either the space bar or the Tab key. Note that the Tab key also completes user-assigned variables such as interface names, IP addresses, firewall filters, and filenames.

Note: The most confusing thing about command completion is when to use space and when to use tab. The space bar is used until a variable is reached, at which time the Tab key is used to auto-complete the user variable for the filter name of test_JUNOS-JAHIL-FILTER.

Published Wednesday, August 26, 2009 11:57 AM by jahil

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