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Masood Ahmad Shah

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MTR on Juniper JUNOS

You may have used traceroute in a Micrsoft OS or in Unix.  It’s quite simple and can tell you a few things about the connection between you and any other device on the internet.
So what if the problem were intermittent, or traceroute did not show any problems because perhaps the choke point is experiencing intermittent bursts of data?  Enter MTR, the big brother to traceroute.  MTR (or My Trace Route) can show you a constant display of each link and how it’s holding up.

Since JUNOS 8.0 there is a new option which allows to run traceroute in a 'MTR-like' mode:

jahil@R1> traceroute monitor

where is an IP or domain-name of the target host.

You can do a more intensive version of this through the JUNOS shell. Requires root access

jahil@R1> start shell
 % su
jahil@R1% mtr -i 0.02

Published Saturday, November 7, 2009 11:54 PM by jahil

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