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Masood Ahmad Shah

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wildcard a quick way to alter the configurations in Junos
Suppose, you have multiple following circuits that need to be removed from the configurations, and then have them disabled and marked as an [AVAILABLE]:

et-1/0/0 to et-1/0/10

With traditional approach the configlet would be pretty lengthy, however with wildcard command it's pretty damn short:

jahil# wildcard range delete interfaces et-1/0/[0-10,13,21]
jahil# wildcard range set interfaces et-1/0/[0-10,13,21] description "[AVAILABLE]"
jahil# wildcard range set interfaces et-1/0/[0-10,13,21] disable

wildcard can can also be used at other hierarchical levels. However please be careful and treat it with care, as this can be dangerous when using with regex :-)

Published Sunday, November 9, 2014 6:53 AM by jahil

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