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Adnan Siddiqi

Lets get technical


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IE 8.1 supports Firefox extensions
If you can figure it out :-)
PTCL doubles broadband Speed

I read in papers that PTCL has doubled the speed for broadband users. Now you can have a 2MB line @Rs.2000. Currently I am  paying Rs.2000 for 1MB line. It sounds interesting. Naturally I tried to verify but current Speed test which shows the following result:


Take your words back

Once spoken can't be taken back. This is so true but not in Emailing world anymore. Gmail Labs  has come up with a feature which allows you to undo your mail. It's pretty useful feature and could you save your from embarrassment.Thanks Salman for pointing it out. You may enable this feature from Labs tab in Settings option. Different stages of this feature are given below.






Google Totkay

Google has come up with an interesting idea called Tip Jar or I named it as Google Totkay,where users will share different tips and tricks online and other will be able to rate them based on their effectiveness. It seems like famous Mrs.Tariq(the sister of Anwar Maqsood) gets digital. :-) One user gave a very interesting and somewhat realistic tip about shopping in a grocery store.

"Go to the grocery store with your belly full. You won't buy too many things because you just ain't hungry."

So far I have not found similar tip to keep wives away from shopping centers for long time. Maybe some smart husband submit some tips and tricks in future. *keeps fingers crossed* :-)

Google toolbar with Quick Search Box feature

Google  toolbar v6.0 for IE has come up with an interesting feature which can help you to search and launch installed application on your PC. QSB(Quick Search Box) will not only search your queries on web but on your computer too. Now you don't need to go to Start Menu to launch an applicaiton. Just search it within QSB and launch it. Pretty Cool. As you can see below, I searched DW on my system.


Buggy Gmail's flash based attachment module


Gmail recently introduced a flash based file uploader module for attachments.  It was working fine at office but not at home and it keeps asking me to install flash player. I already have flash installed. Even I installed the latest version. What's wrong Google!!!!!!!!!!! things are not going in favor of Google.

Gmail outage outrages users

Today around 2.30PM I was unable to get into my Gmail account. I suspected an ISP problem but there was some other issue. Thousands of others users also suffered like me. More details given here.

Yes Google is run by Humans and humns do mistakes.

Google toolbar:bookmarking the selected text

I have been using using Google Boomarks via toolbar for long time. Unlike Delicious and other bookmarking services I am able to manage my bookmarks universally by using existing installed tools.

With the newer version of Google toolbar you can now bookmark the particular portion of the web page rather than book marking the entire page. Now if googl toolbar installed on IE/Firefox and you are logged in then you can retrieve your bookmarked poriton anywhere. Cool, isn't It?



Code editing in cloud

by Mozilla


Introducing Bespin from Dion Almaer on Vimeo.
Country wise IP blocking

If you want to block IP addresses for a certain country then this site can make  your life easy.. Just select the country and update your .htaccess file.



Windows 7 or KDE

Enjoy! :-)


Google is not error free

They can also make blundes.

as always Slashdot made my day.


Innovation at Google

Though this is an old presentation and things are not good with Google anymore, I loved the  way the guy presented the stuff.

How Mysql is being used by big names
Site like Facebook running around 2,000 servers, all Master/Slave. Interesting thing is that entire system is being managed by only 2 DBAs.I came across an informative video about utilization of mysql in companies like SUN,Yahoo! etc. You can also read the info in text format.
Can you figure this out?

Some Captchas are so annoying! Yahoo!'s CAPTCHA is one of them. Can you read what's actually written? I couldn't pass it in a go.