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Adnan Siddiqi

Lets get technical


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Estimate of few medical stuff required

i took this estimate from a medical store here in my area-Hyderi H-Block..details are given below:

  • Syringes-3cc-  Qty:100,Cost:Rs.300/packet
  • Syringes-5cc-  Qty:100,Cost:Rs.300/packet
  • Drip 5%560(i cant undestand the writing)-Rs.21/Drip
  • bandage 6":Rs.9/bandage
  • Bandage Tape:Rs.50
  • Tinchure Iodine:Rs.9
  • polyfax:Rs.30
  • Ticky pack Buscuit :Rs65/packet-Qty:24
  • Roll Buscuits:Rs.55/packet:Qty:24
Contact Details
Care Medicos & Super Store
Shop#7,Al-Moin Plaza,SD-24/A-2
Block-G North nazimabad,Opp:Nagina Square
Phone: 8303039
Pls make sure to give order alteast 2 days before dispatching
if you want me to find out details of some other things and can give exact list,it would be great
May Allah bless all of us,Ameen
Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2005 10:45 PM by kadnan
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