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Volunteers required by P@SHA

The president of PASHA(Pakistan Software House Association) has asked for volunteers for different IT related projects,please read and it forwared it to others cocnered ppl

----- Original Message -----
From: Jehan Ara
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 2:13 PM
Subject: [Ponder_Alliance] Volunteers needed

Dear friends,

The devastation, destruction and loss of life in the northern areas of
Pakistan continues to haunt all of us. It is heartening to see that so
many people from all walks of life have got together to help alleviate
the suffering of all those that have been affected by the quake and to
donate so generously in both cash and kind.

The one weak thread through all of this has been project management or
the lack of it, simply due to the enormity of the task at hand. As a
community that specializes in automating and improving the processes
involved in running businesses and government, it would be a shame if
we could not help streamline the relief activities and make them more

P@SHA has therefore offered its assistance to the PM's Secretariat and
Relief Cell. We are putting together a team of experts who will
analyze the needs of the relief organizations including the
government, the army and the NGOs etc and will link it all up to
provide some sort of cohesive approach to the activities thus saving a
lot of time and increasing the pace of relief activities.

In the process we will need expertise of varying types:

Hardware Installation & Maintenance
Wireless Communication Installation, Deployment & Maintenance
System Analysts
Project Managers
ASP.NET/HTML developers
PHP developers
Java developers
SQL servers developers
mySQL developers
Graphic/Interface designers
Data Entry people
People for Information Gathering
Content creation/development/management specialists
Communication specialists able to deal with telecom/satellite equipment

Some of the volunteers may be required to work in their respective
cities, others may be asked to work in Islamabad or at the relief
sites in the northern areas. Please do therefore specify where you are
stationed and whether you will be available or able to relocate to any
of the sites if necessary and for what period of time.

P@SHA will be working with various IT and telecom organizations. Some
of them including Intel have already volunteered equipment and
connectivity. We are also working with Shahida Saleem and Azhar Rizvi
on implementing telemedicine in the affected areas.

Please indicate your interest or those of your employees by sending an
email to
volunteers@pasha.org.pk I would appreciate it if you would
circulate this email to your team.

Please circulate this email to anyone that you feel would be able to

Warm regards,
Jehan Ara

Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2005 4:24 PM by kadnan
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