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Adnan Siddiqi

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Credit goes to PLUC-pakistan Linux Community
Its really shame for me that I mentioned about my PHP class which stood 3rd in phpclasses  monthly contest but I forgot to give credit to Linux Pakistan .It was  really not intentional at all.I had just forgot all and this is something which ws not good at my end.I realised it when I saw Fawad's comment on one of my post.

I remember the days when PLUC(now Linuxpakistan.com) was like a new born baby and founding members like Fawad,Bilal and Basit cameup with idea of a Pakistani community about Linux.Basit in Karachi and Fawad from US made their best to make this community a good org for promoting linux in Pakistan.I got introduced with php by Basit due to some of his php scripts.Basit was my university fellow and his friends put a paper on notice board about PLUC so I had joined so that I can learn Linux. Well I dont believe in myself but I have used RH5.2 to RH 8.0 at Home.Do you know that there was a time when I used to make DNS entries and configuring SAMBA between Windows and Linux machines.I know I have forgot many things now and most of my work is not Linux based but I still code in PHP and I will never forget days when I was not able to run test page of PHP and used to see phpinfo(); as text on webpage rather a desired outcome and I know i have bugged these PLUC guys a lot by asking lame questions and spent hours to understand apache's config files.

Asad you don't know things faced by these guys.I have no doub that efforts of Fawad Halim,Basit and Tariq Bhai were honest but yes people do face problems so we did.Does anyknow that Uzair Hashmi who was with PLUC since beginning won a IBM contest in 2001.It was really something good for PLUC.Basit's PKLINUX also got popular at that time.

Anyway I wil always be thankful to PLUCians.Should I tell that my personal website's DNS is parked on Junaid Uppal's machine who is another PLUC member?

Instead of criticising that you got a bad CD like you woulkd be used to criticize for getting impure milk,do make effort to fix system rather raising finger upon it.

Posted: Thursday, September 7, 2006 11:02 PM by kadnan
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ahmed said:

Uzair Hashmi was my colleague at Infinilogic
# September 9, 2006 9:49 AM

kadnan said:

Uzair was my batch fellow at SSUET.
# September 9, 2006 9:12 PM
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