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Adnan Siddiqi

Lets get technical


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Two reasons for not Using IE7
1) I can't afford it. If you don't understand what I mean then try to Install IE7 on your XP machine.

2) Shame Shame

I will down FireFix 2.0 once it gets stable. The new version provides some cool features which I already discussed here
Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2006 3:49 PM by kadnan
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Teeth Maestro said:

IE is still trailing behind FireFox, what good is a software that is almost 2 years behind its competitor.  I have heard FireFox 2 is officially coming out on Tuesday.  I await to see some changes
# October 23, 2006 2:40 AM

Asad said:

I tried (1) (from Microsoft's site) and IE7 installed fine.  :P

About (2), did you really expect a software from Microsoft to be bug free? If you did, you are too naive!
# October 24, 2006 1:17 AM

Adnan said:

Asad it gets installed only on genuine systems. As long as you are not using pirated copy, you can Install it. Guys at my office didnt face any problem to Install it.

2) No, I didn't. The 2) was sarcasm nothing else:)
# October 24, 2006 10:55 PM
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