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Search Technorati via Google toolbar

Long time back I made entry about technorati button for Google but at that time it was for IE only. Since google toolbar with Buttons available for both FireFox and IE now, you can create your own powerful buttons with minimum efforts. For Instance I used to check my POP emails in XML feed format on Google toolbar  but it was risky and one could just check email by clicking on toolbar of my browser, I just removed the button Wink


Anyways, Many of you would be used to search Technorati for different keywords. It was pretty hectic for me to visit the site everytime to get the updates of a particular keyword. I couldn't even subscribe in my RSS client since it would need to customize URL all the time.

After installing the button and entering your favorite keyword in textbox, you can get the updates anytime you click on the button. For instance I am intrested to know what others are talking about PAKISTAN.



Oh yeah, In order to install the button on FireFox or IE, click here

Posted: Monday, January 15, 2007 4:22 PM by kadnan
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