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Lets get technical


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A decade of blogging

Different resources revealed that this is the 10th year of blogging that is a decade has passed! It's pretty lame to explain what's blogging but slashdot article and then wiki tell some interesting things about blogging.

According to Wikipedia,Blog is


a website where entries are written in chronological order and displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.


Robotwisdom is considered the 1st blog in world of blogging started by Jorn Bargerr who coined the original term "web blog" or "weblog" in December 1997 which was broken in to two words and mentioned as we blog  on his own website. Since the day, online diaries are referred as blogs and authors as bloggers.


In today's world, blogs have become important part of Web 2.0 and every individual or organization try to come up with blogs to share info with others.  The other main factor of popularity is informal writings. You jot down whatever you want and you are not restricted to follow any rules. Although there are professional blogs who address specific issue but common use of blogging is informal writings. I think this is the reason that Technorati has tracked 71 million blogs till May 2007. A big figure

There are several kinds of blogs and I can't cover every kind here but most of blogs I have personally visited actually coverers religion,political issues, literature or photos. The other kind of blogsing which became very popular in early 2005 was metrobloggging in which residents of city share different events,issues and problems of their city. It's great to tell that three Pakistani cities(Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad) are very active in metrobloggging and their authors trying their best to share latest info about their respective cities. One thing I must say that metrobloggers are not paid bloggers and they all are volunteers. I must salute all Karachi metrobloggers who really tried their best to keep Pakistanis updated and also participated in relief work. That was the time when I also started visiting the site and I am still with that website :-)

Blogging became so powerful that bloggers also paid the price for their blog content. One of them is former Google employee, Mark Jen who got fired within 10 days when he shared some censored info of his company.  I must agree that the guy was idiot and he should have used some brain before start sharing everything of his company. So becareful when discussing your company issues. If you are so willing to blog about your company then better read this! ;). Mark was not the single person who was fired, there is a list of fired bloggers who were asked to leave due to their blogging habit.

Blogs are also taken seriously by news sources and news resources like Washington Post and BBC often contact bloggers to find out their opinion about certain matter.

Blogging is getting very popular in Pakistan and people has started realizing the importance of blogging. Bloggers.PK is the first Pakistani blog aggregator which was started by Awab and Omeir Alvi. I don't know the exact figure but currently more than 800 blogs by Pakistani bloggers are registered with this system. Urdu blogging is also getting very popular and one of my favorite urdu blogging website is Boriat.com

I think I have written enough though it was not pre planned. :> .

Happy Blogging!


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Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 12:31 AM by kadnan
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