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Adnan Siddiqi

Lets get technical


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Storing data on Atom

Hammed: Rasheed, yaar ek atom day yar jaldi se mey aaj USB nahi laya aur mujhe ye SDK ghar leyjani hay.

Rasheed: bhai tu mey kia karoun ga? aaj weekend hay aur mujhe apna kuch data ley jana hay 


Aleem: bhai sahab ek atom deydain.

Shopkeeper:konsi wala doun?

Aleem: yaar china wala he deydain.

No I am not going Pagal. This is something which will be common. 

IBM has come up with a technology which will help to store data on atom. yes atoms which we heard a lot during School and college days.

 According to InfoWorld:


Researchers at IBM's Almaden Research Center in California developed a technique for measuring magnetic anisotropy, a property of the magnetic field that gives it the ability to maintain a particular direction. Being able to measure magnetic anisotropy at the atomic level is a crucial step toward the magnet representing the ones or the zeroes used to store data in binary computer language.


To build faster, smaller chips, IBM and other chip vendors like Intel and AMD have shrunk the dimensions of chip features from 90 nanometers to 65nm in the current generation of chips and plan to continue to 45nm and 32nm in coming years. The problem is that wires built from silicon tend to leak more electricity at each step on that scale and will eventually reach a limit where they are no longer useful


The most interesting bit:


The Zurich researchers also developed a technique for using a molecule containing two hydrogen atoms as a switch, either on its own or with an adjacent molecule. They are now looking to apply the method to many other molecules, enabling the system to work as a collection of logic gates, the building blocks of microprocessors.


Posted: Sunday, September 2, 2007 6:31 PM by kadnan
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