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Google to launch Chrome OS

Everyone knows Google heavily relies browser based front end and has given us some classic web applications which pretty much behave like Desktop apps. Google had reasons to launch a separate browser and today we all read the reason behind it.

Google was not happy with current browsers who opens different web pages in a single process, that's why they came up with a browser which opens every page in a separate process space which makes efficient usage of browser. Google is addicted to browser and wants to progress further by using same technology which depends on common development technologies like Javascript,HTML and AJAX. rather than on stuff like C++. 

Google already has softwares like Web based Office Suit and Email client in form of Gmail. Almost all Google Service provides a way to create 3rd party applications via APIs. Google already made a successful attempt of offline data storage by using Gears. Gears is not all about Data storage, it's more than that; from RDBMS system for stuff like Registry Settings to things like Worker pool for multithreaded web based applications. Google has really dropped  a bomb on head of Microsoft.

Posted: Wednesday, July 8, 2009 9:52 PM by kadnan
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