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Lets get technical


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Hey What's up?

This is the question which was recently asked by few guys who happen to follow me here. All of them asked, why my blog is so dead now? no updates, nothing! I just thought to write something about current activities.

It might surprise you that it's not my new marital status which keeps me busy here and there. Neither I have become bloggingly infertile that I don't find new things in pocket to discuss. It's all about change in priorities. I have been trying get back to same world which I belong to, the tech world. Someone might call me an insane that how come I am getting more into this thing rather than enjoying new life? So my friends! Alhamdolillah I have been enjoying this new relationship and things around it hence it's been helping me to keep my brain focused on things which are very near to me and more important for myself(My veteran married friends might not agree with me by saying,"yeah yeah enjoying" :-> ). I had already mentioned here that as soon as soon as I got engaged in something then I would not be able to spend much time in blogging stuff.

I am a wannabe entrepreneur *** software engineer and for past 2 months I have been trying to work on fewer ideas which have been in pending since ages.  By default I am a kind of lazy who just don't finish something up on time plus I have to take care of new entry in my life too,wife. Usually she does not complain when I don't give her much time after getting back to home or on holidays but I can feel what she feels at that time and I try my best to convince her for what I am doing or try to reschedule my stuff just to make sure that I don't hurt her. Note for all women: Being a husband is not so easy as they think about it! :-)

Luckily I found few friends around me who think like me, who wants to do something which they can't do in their  own respective companies due to various reasons. So it's like we have been discussing things(aka brainstorming) about different ideas I have or they have. Apart from that I have been trying to work on things which should have been done by now. For that purpose I have got a hosting service along with a domain which would be used as  a platform where I can do various experiments. I might not reveal the name right now as there's nothing over there to show off. So, in short I have following things in my life which keeps me engaged most of the time.

1) My Wife and home offcourse.


3)My very own experimental lab and things related to it

4 )Formation of a team to work on newer idea(prolly a startup? Not sure though..)

I was supposed to write a post about the role of a husband in which I wanted to share things I learnt in past 3 months or..a husband can learn due to a relationship with wife. That post was supposed to go live after 1st month of my wedding but I could not start it, then I thought to write about it after 3 months and yet It could not be done. The only thing I have done so far that I have drafted a post only with a title and introductory lines. My wife is staying at her mom's place. I thought I would be able to give time for that pending blog post but against I rejected my own idea and thought to work on stuff I mentioned above. I don't know when will I be able to complete that post. Things around me keeps me busy most of the time. Wish me luck for new ventures and remember us in prayers.

Note: For all those techies who are willing to work on their own ideas, I would recommend them to read Founders at work. Simply an amazing book about famous companies/people who faced issues in their early days.


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Posted: Sunday, January 10, 2010 8:13 PM by kadnan
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