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IE7: Where is my Cookie??
IE7/8 is being more annoying than previous versions. document.cookie returns nothing on IE7 and 8 even if you enabled cookies in all zones. *missing old IE6 days* Read More...
IE 5.5 beats IE 6 and 7 in ACID3 test
From Anomalous Anomaly Let me explain what these results are telling us before I show them. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops standards for Internet applications. For example, XHTML, HTML, CSS, etc. Acid 3 basically takes a lot of W3C’s newer Read More...
IE8: fulfilling promises
IE8 has finally been released . Unlike previous version(s), it's now CSS2 complaint. IE8 also has passed ACID2 Test. IE8 has come up with lots of new useful stuff for both developers and end-users like Activities ,improved AJAX experienced. Apart from Read More...
IE8 in three render mode
eh? so instead of checking UserAgent for mozilla and non-mozilla browsers , I would also have two further Ifs to make my page compatible with DIFFERENT VERSIONS of IE+ a meta tag? as this geek said on SD, are we now responsible to take the blame of someone Read More...