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Backup your Mozilla Products with MozBackup
I recently re-installed Windows XP. I had a long list of bookmarks and history which I never erased for sake of easiness. Before going to format my partition, I was worried enough to backup my Firefox settings so that I could restore them upon fresh installation. Read More...
Code editing in cloud
by Mozilla Introducing Bespin from Dion Almaer on Vimeo . Read More...
Ubiquity-Send Mashable emails
Mozilla Labs have been working on an interesting project called Ubiquity which ease embedding various sources of information in an email. Now you can control twitter,Google Maps ,calender etc at one place. You can learn further from this video. Read More...
IE8 in three render mode
eh? so instead of checking UserAgent for mozilla and non-mozilla browsers , I would also have two further Ifs to make my page compatible with DIFFERENT VERSIONS of IE+ a meta tag? as this geek said on SD, are we now responsible to take the blame of someone Read More...
Mozilla's PRISM- What a waste!
So after AIR, Silverlight or what not, we are going to see another Web to Desktop application framework. This time by Mozilla and they call it Prism . Prism is actually a lame attempt to give a desktop look to any web application by running it in a separate Read More...