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Adnan Siddiqi

Lets get technical


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English grammar vs C++ grammar
See, if you are good at English then it doesn't mean you are expert in C++ as well. From Daily WTF: In a frantic email, Angie asked Adam "What's wrong with my program? I can't figure out why it won't complile!" Adam stopped by her desk to have a look Read More...
JesOS™-Operating system for Christians only
This is something which atleast I had not expected but then left-wing is not less surprising and immature than right-wing. Yeah, JesOS TM , Operating system for Chiristians Only. :-). According to Issac Peters: JesOS™ is made by Christians, for Christians! Read More...
Huh, then why are you giving a choice?
If you are facebook user and use FireFox toolbar for Facebook, you will find something following while you log in: If this is a default requirement then why the hell are you giving choice to install it at first place? I really don't understand the reason Read More...
Innovative Query String
Someone could do something like that, I can't even imagine at all! Take a look TheDailyWTF entry and decide yourself. Would you like to give it a try? ;) Read More...