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Installing KDE desktop on Ubuntu
One of the best feature of Linux is separation of Kernel layer and Presentation Layer(Desktop). You can use desktop of your choice without disturbing existing applications. KDE and GNOME are two desktops which are common in almost every distro of Linux. Read More...
Installing 'Debian Menu' in Ubuntu
If you are installing extra debian packages , they don't appear in your Application menu and there are chances for newbie or for non-technical person to get upset. One option for you is to launch application from command line which is not an easy task Read More...
Ubuntu on VMWare with SCSI option,a Mess!
If you are planning to install UBuntu 7.04 on VMware 5.5 with SCSI hard disk option, I would just say you, Halt! otherwise it would make your life mess. Ubuntu 7/04 or previous flavors has issue with ScSI controller on VMWare. Details later. All I tell Read More...
Ubuntu Chaparh Ghanchoo
Linux and easiness, this is something which is hardly believed. I have used Redhat distro a lot in past and have tried all versions from RH4 to RH 9.0. RedHat was supposed to very easy to install distro. The RPM method of installation package was very Read More...