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Windows Server Feedback

Many of us say that we do not like Windows as the Server Operating System, but this is the fact that Windows has made its own unique position in this area. Though Windows has been the number one target for the attackers and hackers in the recent past, but I guess, it helped them learn the lessons to make their OS more secure. One such example is the introduction of special listening socket type (XP Service pack Release Candidate) that can only accept connections from the local subnet of the machine. Very good idea I must say. We must be seeing it in the upcoming service packs for Windows 2003 Server (and might be Windows 2000 Server)


Anyways, I just have come to know about the WindowsServerFeedback website. Anyone can submit feedbacks there. I strongly suggest every concerned person to visit the site and let them know your feedbacks, suggestions, complaints and wish lists J

Published Tuesday, April 13, 2004 1:25 PM by khurram


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