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Writing Urdu With English

Roughly, 90% of the locals don’t understand English, but as internet is penetrating in local society so rapidly, don’t you think, they need what I just have mentioned?


I see many people around reading/writing emails and instant messages in such manner. By standardization, there can be many new opportunities. For instance:


  • Urdu parser/grammar/compiler engines, that can correct spellings, suggest proper sentences, just like what we have for English (and others) in Winword
  • Image generators, that can generate Urdu character images from English writings. It is very hard to type Urdu. (Do not have hands-on experience. It is just my imagination)
  • MSN/Outlook plug-ins using which the writer may write Urdu in English and the recipient is shown Urdu images. It will be fun seeing proper Assalam-u-Alikum with Urdu images, rather seeing what I have written. Or may be some thing intelligent that can translates even short hands, like aoa, wslam etc

There are number of people in organization, who are not comfortable with computers, just for the language problem. They feel uncomfortable filling in forms or writing progress reports on intranet applications that their enterprises are trying to introduce for sake of computerization.


What do you think about having a standard format of writing Urdu in English?

Published Friday, April 16, 2004 12:12 AM by khurram
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