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Sun-Microsoft Settlement

Sun-Microsoft settlement seems to be the hot topic of the week! Here are my two cents:


In 90s, when desktop applications were IN, Java had very little market! Back then, everyone was going for Visual C++. There were inherent problems with C++. Java was the fresh breeze, and we were happy to see MS extensions. We were in position to develop Windows components and applications using a better OO language and much cleaner API/Class libraries. But these two vendors screwed things up in their money making process J


So what we, the coders want from this settlement?


  • Deep inter-operatability, Java applets, midlets talking to .Net remoting components. .NET component talking to J2EE application servers.
  • Brand new JVM from Microsoft, we know they can make the best JVM for Windows J
  • CLR on Solaris
  • Windows on Sparcs
  • Visual Studio with Java support (along J#)

Theoretically, COM/COM+ can be developed for any platform that has C/C++ support. As COM/COM+ is dead, and people are moving ahead to CLR. It might had fun seeing COM/COM+ components on Solaris.


Microsoft’s Java extensions are no longer required; we now have C# and Microsoft.Net that I personally think are much better.

Published Friday, April 16, 2004 12:54 AM by khurram
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