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Scripting Languages

Savior to Administrators and Programmers


Every time, one needs to tweak things in application, he needs to contact the vendor/developer who coded the application. If scripting technology is used affectively, it can be savior in such scenarios. End users will not have to consult with the vendors anymore; they can do things themselves by plugging in scripts. It’s also a relief for developers, they don’t need to manage multiple branches of the same applications that were earlier required because customized applications were delivered to different clients.


Helps in Learning


This is a fact; scripting languages are simpler and easier to learn. There are more individuals who know the scripting languages. If scripting language is based on some full-fledge language, such individuals can learn the whole language more easily. Take my example, I don’t know Visual Basic 6 as much as I know VBScript, but I can easily understand and even guide others who are coding in VB6. I am not in touch with Java for many years, but I work often with Jscript (Java Script) that helps me to keep my self in touch with Java.


Dangerous to Software Developers?


They have spread so rapidly, and things are getting smarter, that they are becoming threat to software developers. Any sensible person can learn the scripting language and can use it to build small utilities and programs that can do magic. Many enterprises don’t bother to hire software engineers, because their requirements can be full-filled by their IT departments. So are they dangerous to software developers?


Good or Bad?


What you think, are scripting languages bad or good? The mentionable problems I see in scripting languages are:


  • Due to their over simplicity, many individuals who should move forward to the original language, don’t bother and stuck in the scripting paradigm.
  • People develop bad habits by using scripting platforms. For example I know many individuals who learned VB6 after VBScript, or Java after JavaScript. Whenever they code something, they are stuck in procedural approach. The procedures are often façade based and don’t even use procedural approaches in good manners, i-e complete façade is coded in a single procedure. Such coders are hard to maintain and understand.




Scripting languages are getting matured and absorbing more features from their core languages, consider for example latest versions of VBScript that has support of classes. One should use such useful features.

Published Thursday, April 29, 2004 10:01 AM by khurram
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# re: Scripting Languages

Thursday, April 29, 2004 2:03 PM by FarazTruehttp
I use windows scripting host (WSH) scripts for automation. What I love about WSH scripts is that unlike VB they dont require a runtime DLL to be installed on the target machine and almost all scripts will run without any modifications on Windows 98/2000/XP/2003

I use them to automate a set of windows settings (like putting shortcuts on desktop, changing shortcut urls, setting up wall paper etc.) , network settings (enabling disabling network shares, enabling or disabling ICS/ICF, enabling disabling DHCP etc.) and other Active Directory and Group policy tweaks.

The new WSH script file allowes you to include external script files, which is a really cool feature. I have written function libraries for different types of tasks I generally perform and I use them just like people use header files in C/C++ code. And you can also use error coding inside your scripts to mask or report bugs and take additional actions or quit the program in case of error.

I just love writing WSH code! :) and its quite handy if you want to write a love-letter clone too ;)
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