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Write Once Run Everywhere, Implementations from multiple vendors

I just have started reading the .Net Patterns book. The author has a strong Java background, and in the book’s preface he has mentioned the facts about the two factors Java folk preach around:


  • Write Once, Run Everywhere
  • Option to select implementations from multiple vendors! 

But Java wasn't perfect, as we all soon found out. "Write once, run everywhere" wasn't quite as seamless as first promised. Developing a custom Java GUI was not straightforward, and there were too many vendor options for code generation.


The third parties made it easier as Java matured but you found yourself indicted with almost too many options. Choose one and you risk adopting a technology that becomes either unsupported or unmarketable.


I am not against Java, I myself fall in love with it back in late 90s. But C#, CLR and related products are comparatively much productive. No doubt, Java community is much bigger and matured, but one can re-produce the same concepts in C#/CLR, and in more modernize, productive and easier way.

Published Saturday, June 5, 2004 12:09 AM by khurram
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