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mySQL: Pros & Cons

Recently, I got a chance to work with mySQL after almost four and half years. This time I need to explore the administrative perspective of mySQL. Frankly speaking I am disappointed to find couple of disadvantages of mySQL in this context. And may be this is due to the reason of my deep involvements in the projects that’s always based on Microsoft’s SQL Server.

I am attaching my findings below that I may update as my experience with mySQL progress. The comments are welcomed, as I am not in position to give proper time to this endeavor and I may be wrong.


  • Widely used. May be due to its existence in *nix distributions. (Why people blame Microsoft when they ship internet explorer or media player with their Windows)


  • No built-in mechanism to limit database size. If one uses operating system services, mySQL misbehave due to its in-memory caching system.
  • No built-in mechanism to limit number of client connections.
  • There can only be one Auto column (Auto_Increment) and it must be a part of the primary key.
  • I am unable to find any way that any end user can change the password on her own, she always has to ask the database administrator that has access to the mySQL database (that is used to store such things)
  • Any given table can be of maximum 4Gb size (generally not important)
Published Tuesday, June 22, 2004 12:29 PM by khurram


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