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Outlook: NNTP (News) and RSS

Argh, why the heck Outlook doesn’t have NNTP (News) support?
If you hate to run Outlook and Outlook Express (for news), check out NewsHound and MapiLab’s NNTP for Outlook.

I also wish to mention NewsGator, the RSS plugin for the Outlook! I have been using it for some time and I am quite satisfied! It doesn’t give Javascript errors, that some times RSS reader gives Jand not to mention, I can easily forward and archive the interesting web-logs right from the Outlook!

AspNetWebLog, a free NewsGator extension that let you post to your web-log space, should somehow picks the categories from the author’s web-log space and give them in some combo-box while posting!

Published Thursday, June 24, 2004 10:16 PM by khurram


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