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The mail war begins!


  • 1Gb mailbox
  • Very responsive web application
  • Approach to see mail replies as threads, with option to reach particular reply directly is nice
  • Keyboard shortcuts!


  • 100Mb mailbox
  • Simple GUI
  • Traditional webmail
  • Other cool services, like eFax
  • With 20$/year you can get 2Gb mailbox, Virus protection and POP access


  • 3Mb mailbox? Rumors are that they will offer 250Mb soon. See [1]
  • A heavy GUI
  • Very affective spam protection filters
  • Proprietary protocol based on XML/HTTP that let Outlook access the mailbox
  • With premium service, you can get 2Gb mailbox

Everyone expecting, other than space, these providers will come up with new approach of mail-management. People need more than creating folders and arranging the mails across them.

My wish list for these providers:

  • IMAP/HTTP-XML (Outlook-Hotmail like) access
  • One can subscribe to RSS feeds and posts get delivered to the mailbox folders. (NNTP?)
  • GMail like thread like views, keyboard shortcuts
  • RSS feeds for the folders (with further drilled down approach like particular Sender/To collection in the given folder) for instance one can have folder DotNetMailingLists, other than having this folder RSS, one can define custom feeds, say AspNet feed having list1 and list2
  • Import/Export options (Database, File System) so one can keep required mails on her notebook!
  • Cool applications (eFax from Yahoo like), Calendaring, ToDos, Notes, Document Library, Sharepoint like lists!
  • Reasonable space (that I guess will continue to increase with time J)


Published Friday, June 25, 2004 2:38 AM by khurram


# re: GMAIL

Monday, July 12, 2004 1:31 AM by
sir i want GMAIL account. plz refer me.

as i have news at pak it share group that one can have a gmail account by reference. thnxxx.
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