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Info Aggregator

People have started using RSS, seeing this many related services are ideas are emerging. Info Aggregator from BlogStreet is one of them.


The idea is, to have the RSS posts into the IMAP server so the reader may use any IMAP compliant tool, for example, Outlook Express. I strongly recommend signing up with them, you can manage the subscriptions over the web, and the posts will get delivered to the IMAP mailbox. The best thing of having these in your Outlook or other such clients is, that you can treat them like other emails, for instance you can easily archive, organize and forward them.




For my reference, here are the settings I got from them:


Welcome to the Info Aggregator:

You have successfully signed up with the following details:


Login: khurram

Password: ***


Please configure your e-mail client with the following details to complete the setup:

Username: khurram@rss.blogstreet.com

Server Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server: rss.blogstreet.com

Email Address: khurram@rss.blogstreet.com

SMTP Server: Your Outgoing Mail Server address


You can manage your subscriptions etc. by going to http://rss.blogstreet.com

Please wait for about an hour for the first updates to arrive in your mailbox.


Hope you find your experience with Info Aggregator useful.

Contact us at rss-feedback@blogstreet.com if you have any further queries.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.


Blogstreet Team



We will email you the necessary details to get you started with the RSS Mail to the email address you have provided during the registration.



Published Wednesday, June 30, 2004 11:10 AM by khurram


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