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Islam: Why we have different Fiqas?

As we know, we have different Fiqas in our religion, different groups have different practices, customs and even different opinions. I never understood why these differences are there.


One day when I was discussing this with my father, he raised the point, that as Islam has come to us in iterations, and not everything was delivered at-once, our Nabi (PBUH) and their Sahabas have gone through different stages during that time. Some of them went away in middle, for instance they were appointed by Nabi (PBUH) for preaching, or some of them came to Nabi (PBUH) to learn the practices and went away, this may have resulted these differences in the religion. Another point he mentioned that may be Allah likes our Nabi (PBUH) so much that He likes all the things our Nabi (PBUH) practiced, and He wishes that these things remain there till the judgment day. After understanding this point, I didn’t have words to say.


We should not pin-point anyone, as religion is all about faith!

Published Saturday, August 28, 2004 12:24 PM by khurram
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# re: Islam: Why we have different Fiqas?

Thursday, September 2, 2004 6:50 AM by Asif RashidTr
You are right; actually most of educated people will have same opinion. Now problem is with those people which we think should be more educated in religion (Our Mulvies). According their speeches and teaching, except people who follow them (without any questions or doubts) are Muslims and others are just non-Muslims. Even other people do not have right to life. May Allah gave us understanding of Islam.

Please I don't want hurt anyone feelings, just when you are outside of your country you become more sensitive.
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