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SubVersion: Quick-start resources

Subversion is one of the best source control system around. The new version of Subversion now features data-storage other than BerkleyDB. It even now support OS file system (Like SourceSafe) as its data-store. Third release candidate of Subversion 1.1 is available at http://subversion.tigris.org  to learn about Subversion, I encourage reading Version Control with Subversion book that is available online and also feature 1.1 additions


If you need a quick-start guideline for using Subversion on your desktop, you may try the following resources.


I have added creating a repository, running svnserve server and running svnserve as Windows Service section at the SharpCoders Wiki page. I also encourage you to update/add contents to the SharpCoder’s Wiki resource, especially your first hand experiences.

Published Thursday, September 16, 2004 5:24 PM by khurram


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