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Creating DotNetNuke Module

Don’t know what’s DotNetNuke? Visit their site then J


1-     If required setup DotNetNuke

a.      Unzip the installation, place it at some folder, give Everyone full access to this folder, and share this folder in your web-application as per requirement.

b.      Update DotNetNuke.sln, DotNetNuke.vbproj and DotNetNuke.vbproj.webinfo to reflect the actual web-application location.

c.      If using SQL, update configuration files accordingly. You will need to change connection strings at two places in web.config as well as in config.xml file in Providers\DataProviders\SqlDataProvider folder. Don’t forget to pre-check the Sql connectivity using the credentials you are giving in the connection string.

2-     Open up the DotNetNuke solution, add an empty web-project at location http://YourDotNetNukeLocation/DesktopModules/YourNewModule

3-     Add project reference to DotNetNuke in this new project.

4-     Update Assembly name and default Namespace (Project properties).

5-     If your module is Data provider based, add Provider class project and update its Assembly and Namespaces. You will also need to add DotNetNuke and your web-application reference (Depends)
C:\DotNetNukeLocation\DesktopModules\YourNewModule\Providers is a good place to keep this class project.

6-     Its recommended that you keep the version of these two assemblies same. Manually give them in AssemblyInfo.cs (Provider Class-Library Proeject) and copy that file into the web-project as well.

7-     Add two web-user controls (one for View and the other for Editing) into the web-project and inherit them from DotNetNuke.PortalModuleControl.

8-     Add the Edit action into View control by adding this code in OnInit()
base.Actions.Add(GetNextActionID(), "Edit ", "","","",
 get_EditURL("","","Edit"), false, DotNetNuke.SecurityAccessLevel.Edit,
 true, false);

9-     Add the Module Definition into DNN and use.


What’s left for future?


  • How to Add Module Definition
  • How to create DNN package
  • Using ready to use features of DNN (Using Portals/Module IDs)
  • Using DNN Data providers
Published Monday, September 20, 2004 7:24 PM by khurram
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# re: Creating DotNetNuke Module

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 12:14 PM by Kashif ZiaTru
Its a great start. Keep updating us so that we can pace with you.

# re: Creating DotNetNuke Module

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 12:27 PM by Irfan ZafarTr
dear sir
as u have done alot of work in dnn.i need some help regarding it.i have written a module that takes some information from one page then display information on the other.. so i have to redirect it to other tab. right now i have to hardcore the tabid of the next page. how to get it dynamically..??? plz help me. i hope fu getting me...
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