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Classic ASP to ASP.NET: Master Detail (Part I)

While revisiting one of the classic ASP site, I found a dynamic web-page having the code whose pseudo code is given below, this page basically list the dealer list based on the selected city and area.


rsDealers = getDealers(request(“City”), request(“Area”));

do until rsDealers.eof

      write rs(“Company”)

      write rs(“Address”)

      rsPhones = getPhones(rsDealers(“dealerid”));

      do until rsPhone.eof

            write rsPhones(“Phone”);



      rsEmails = getEmails(rsDealers(“dealerid”));

      do until rsEmails.eof

            write rsEmails(“email”);






The database schema:


Its simply, I am listing here for the reference:


Dealers table has the dealerid (primary key), company, address information

Phones and Emails table has dealerid as foreign key.


This is a very typical Classic ASP approach. We now need to re-write this thing in Asp.Net, where we have much richer web-form infra-structure. What are your recommendations?


Look for my next post.

Published Monday, October 11, 2004 4:04 PM by khurram
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