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AOP: Different Implementation Approaches

As AOP has not yet made its emergence in mainstream, therefore it lacks standards. Different vendors/groups have different approach and style of its implementation.


Some uses the available options in the framework to implement the AOP concepts, e.g. COM+ and .NET supports event sinks that can be used to implement AOP like concepts.


AspectJ provides all together a separate compiler, they have extended the Java language with certain new keywords that AspectJ compiler compiles, but emit a standard Java byte code.


There are certain other frameworks (noticeably for .NET) that are based on a different approache, in them point cuts are defined in an external xml file and a dynamic proxy object is created based on the advices woven into the joint points. This in my opinion is more modernizing approach, as you can add aspects any time even after the deployment without needing to recompiling/rebuilding.


Next I will try to cover these .NET based frameworks, how they can make our lives more modularized and cohesive.

Published Monday, October 18, 2004 8:18 PM by khurram
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