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The Dream Organizer

People often asked me to give ideas for the “project” (usually under-graduate computer science students). Here is the latest “thought” based on my weblog post about “Getting Things Done”


An “Organizer” featuring, email (folder plus threads), calendar, to-do list, and “task manager” based on the “Getting Things Done” model.


·         In simple, it’s a web console, where you login and it shows you the Inbox, with Newsgroup style (typical email inbox plus GMail like thread view), the inbox should show email in a categorized views, e-g “Mails from Family”, “Mails from Friends”, “Office Mails”, “Mails from Boss”, “Mails from Unknown”, Groups, News etc

·         also a RSS aggregator

·         You can then archive your mails into “searchable” folders

·         You can forward the mail to someone, with “Follow-up” information, e-g If the person replies in “defined” time, fine (create a follow-up threads) otherwise, remind me, (or automatically send reminder)

·         You can “snooze” the mail, which creates an appointment/to-do in the calendar.

·         Calendar features “Project” management (e-g Home-works, tasks about your current work-project)

·         An intelligent to-do list, which shows “todos” based on the time of day, e-g if office time, shows office to-dos with higher priorities (think of other such “smart” things)

·         An intelligent, Task manager, e-g if I am an accountant, I can define “processes” in it, e-g “Invoice Handling”, which has “workflow” like architecture, with defined stages and paths, and I can “plug-in” my emails/todos/calendar-tasks according to the “process”, for instance, the example I just have mentioned, it can be, Retrieve data from CRM (accountant is working in some cool computerized company), generate invoice in Accounting System, hand-over printed invoice to “delivery guy”, invoice delivered: payment will be made by cheque, collect cheque (if it was promised to be given after X time), cheque submitted in bank, payment transfer to company account and so on. See, there is a “lifecycle” involved in each “process” we perform either at our workplaces, or even at home (e-g get the car checked from workshop each month)


I know, it’s too much to ask, but just few “thoughts”


By the way, if anyone is willing to work on it, I can devote some of time each week, and we can come-up with some “open-source” kind of thing. (Which I guess might be the first in Pakistan?)

Published Thursday, December 2, 2004 6:49 PM by khurram
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# re: The Dream Organizer

Thursday, December 2, 2004 7:01 PM by khurram
Feel free to drop your "refinements", comments, feedback to this post.

# re: The Dream Organizer

Thursday, December 2, 2004 7:48 PM by
I need this application.....badly...Do it and let me have it...

# re: The Dream Organizer

Sunday, December 5, 2004 2:18 AM by fahad
well... its an excellent idea... when I was in university I had such kind of thing in my mind but I was unable to implement it... but then a cousin of mine was thinking about some educational project. I suggested it, but it was not implemented in a smart way as I was very busy with my job and nobody properly guided them.

Well, you can count me in if you think its fine :D.

But before this, we have to establish some baselines for requirments: well defined ones and then dividing it into modules and assigning modules to different ppl who are interested in such kind of activity.

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