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MSN Desktop search lack indexing visited web pages. I personally think, indexing visited web pages is helpful; especially to folk like me, who browse the net, read new stuff around and then somewhere down the road we come across with something and we know that we saw something related on some webpage that we visited, but not remembering its URL; using Google Desktop Search, it’s easy.


I wish MSN guys add it too, and also, just like what they have done that searching something on Google.com also shows the results of desktop (including visited pages). Adding these two I will definitely uninstall Google toolbar and desktop search J


Their tool plays nice with user settings and all that, I guess if they can create some custom index for visited pages user wise, may be toolbar using its own data store if indexing service has no such capability?


Using indexing service as backend is nice; one can create custom filters for new formats, its super cool; to have some nice UI for indexing service.

Published Tuesday, December 14, 2004 3:06 AM by khurram


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