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MRTG on Windows

If you want to run MRTG on Windows, you need to edit the Perl\lib\FindBin.pm file. In the end, you need to enter the following lines, which resolve folder path problem.


$RealBin = abs_path($RealBin) if($RealBin);   ## existing line

   if ($IsWin32)


      $Bin =~ s/\//\\/g;



1; # Keep require happy


Here is one simple MRTG configuration file.


WorkDir:      D:\mrtg\data

Htmldir:      D:\mrtg\data

Imagedir:     D:\mrtg\images

Logdir:              D:\mrtg\logs

EnableIPv6:   no


#      .         System Uptime

#      .    Last minute CPU average (Walk it for multiple CPUs)

#      .    Total diskspace (Walk it for multiple disks)

#      .    Used diskspace (Walk it for multiple disks)




PageTop[server-cpu]: <H1>Current server CPU Usage</H1>

MaxBytes[server-cpu]: 100000

Title[server-cpu]: server CPU Usage

Options[server-cpu]: gauge, absolute, nopercent



PageTop[server-disk-1]: <H1>Current server DISK-1 Usage</H1>

MaxBytes[server-disk-1]: 100000000

Title[server-disk-1]: server DISK-1 Usage

Options[server-disk-1]: gauge, absolute, nopercent


The above information is posted here for my future reference J

Published Friday, January 7, 2005 8:36 PM by khurram


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