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NAT :: SQL :: Sharepoint

Last evening, I wanted to configure a box for multi-purpose. I am writing down the problems and their work-around that I faced J


Networking :: NAT


Network Address Translation (NAT) is useful to let people on private subnet to access the other subnets. It can be configured on Windows 2003 box easily. However if you have multiple addresses on external interfaces, and you want to use particular address for this purpose, you cannt easily do so. I tried finding options in RRAS’ GUI, netsh and registry, but no luck. I ended up with adding third interface connected to public subnet and giving it the required address removing it from the previously connected one.


SQL :: Service Pack 3


If you need to access your SQL running on Windows 2003 box, over TCP/IP you need to install its Service pack 3, otherwise the TCP/IP ports are disabled by the OS. So don’t ignore the warning that SQL setup gives when you try to install it on a Windows 2003 box


Sharepoint :: Active Directory


If you install IIS on a Windows box, and then install Active Directory on the same box using dcpromo, and then install Sharepoint, you will end-up getting ASP.NET errors when you will be accessing sharepoint site. Its because, if sharepoint web site is running under a web application pool whose identity is set to NETWORK_SERVICES. This account doesn’t have enough access; this identity is configured before the Active Directory. Simplest work-around is that you re-configure ASP.NET using “aspnet_regiis –i”

Published Friday, January 28, 2005 3:01 PM by khurram


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