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May 2005 - Posts

The Web Engineering Myth

Many people believe that Web Engineering (developing web sites; particularly dynamic web sites) is way too different than typical Software Engineering; that rules, patterns and methodologies of a typical Software Engineering don’t apply in Web Engineering.
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Looking for ASP.NET v2 Hosters?

Look no further, visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/asp.net/beta2/hosters to know who are providing ASP.NET v2 hosting. Crystal Tech is even providing free hosting. Though I yet have no updates about my free web hosting request :(
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TFS Update :: Sharepoint / Reporting Server

Microsoft Team Foundation Server is built and get integrated with following technologies in an amazing way. 1. Visual Studio .NET 2005 2. Active Directory 3. SQL Server 2005 (Engine, Reporting and Analysis Services) 4. SQL Server Analysis Services 5.

Setting Up The First Team Foundation Project

Continuing my Team Foundation Server (TFS) fun, after dropping Abdullah at school I rush back to try creating a test project in TFS. Here are some discoveries The client machine should be on Active Directory (AD) The client should logged on to Domain,

Installing Team Foundation Server

Today; I had to stay at home; with my son, Abdullah. My wife was on evening duty today. We both enjoyed the evening; we went out; bought few toys and books. It was rush out; we had a little accident out there. The side light broke :( When we return; Abdullah

Test Coverage Gives You Confidence!

If your tests invoke most of your code; it basically means; you have high test coverage. Having high test coverage is cool thing. Why? Read-on Few months back I developed a small application for one of Asia’s largest gynecology hospital ;). Today my wife
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Singularity :: A Research Operating System Written in C#

Managed Operating System. Grinns See it yourselves, Singularity :: A research operating system written in C#
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mysqld-nt Has Thinner Memory Footprint

In my earlier post ; where I blamed mySQL to has fatter memory footprints, I received very informative comments , and I quickly discovered that I need to tune mySQL first. I found out that mySqld-nt daemon should be used if one is interested to run mySQL

mySQL Takes More Memory

Dont beleive it? See it yourselves.... Both SQL Server and mySQL Server were hosting their default databases plus one database each for my application. At the time of snapshot; both servers were not handling any connections. You are seeing two sqlservr.exe;


Hello World! I am now blogging using Community Server at http://weblogs.com.pk The bad thing I have noticed is that anonymous users are not longer able to comment on the post, isnt this bad?
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