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Test Coverage Gives You Confidence!

If your tests invoke most of your code; it basically means; you have high test coverage. Having high test coverage is cool thing. Why? Read-on


Few months back I developed a small application for one of Asia’s largest gynecology hospital ;). Today my wife (who happens to work there) asked that her professor (Unit In-charge; the main mind behind this computerization effort) is asking few enhancements. It took couple of minutes to setup the environment from the repository (SubVersion rocks!) and few more minutes to add those enhancements. I even added few delighters which I wrote long ago that I happened to find in the project’s doc folder.


By the way; this endeavor is all volunteer work, the main ideology behind this project is to bring more transparency in the financial matters. That hospital is doing great by providing much cheaper treatment.


And due to higher test coverage I am confident that the changes I have made will not affect anything with the real data tomorrow morning when this new version will be deployed.


In short; test coverage gives you confidence! Do write test cases; no matter how small your application is. You will get benefits in maintenance phase.

Published Wednesday, May 18, 2005 12:02 AM by khurram
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# re: Test Coverage Gives You Confidence!

Saturday, May 21, 2005 4:44 PM by Suleman
khurram, it's always a pleasure reading ur posts. and I revel in ur seplandid writings. And sorry for being a little late on posting the comments for this post.

I was wondering, when you update a program with some new features, do you run all the test cases and if so doesn’t it take a lot of time, testing, verifying & validating. Or you run only the related test cases. Or you don’t run the test cases at all because you’re confident that it worked well the last time you run them, and these news changes will not affect the other features.

I just received the VS 2005 DVDs from Microsoft. I’m only trying to arrange a computer for VS 2005 so that I start playing with it. :)
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