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Installing Team Foundation Server

Today; I had to stay at home; with my son, Abdullah. My wife was on evening duty today. We both enjoyed the evening; we went out; bought few toys and books. It was rush out; we had a little accident out there. The side light broke :(


When we return; Abdullah got busy with his new toys and story books. I availed the time and installed Team Foundation Server Beta 2. Here’s my experience of installing/configuring it.


  1. You need to have an Active Directory (AD) environment. For which you need DNS server as well. I created a Virtual Machine, configured DNS, and then installed AD Services
  2. You need to have Sharepoint Team Services (STS) STS can be installed in two modes; with SQL 2000 or with SPDE (Sharepoint Data Engine, MSDE based engine) I luckily had SQL Server up and running; so I used it. For STS; you obviously need IIS6. I installed IIS6, STS v2 Sp1 on my TFS (Team Foundation Server) machine. The machine obviously was made AD member.
  3. You need to have SQL 2005 and its Reporting and Analysis Services. I installed these all on the TFS machine. TFS machine was not hosting SQL 2000; so I was confident; I choose to install everything in SQL 2005 so I can play-around with it some other time. SQL 2005 also installs MSXML6 and SQLXML4.
  4. You need to bypass Reporting web paths in STS. STSADM tool can help you do this.
  5. You need to create an ordinary AD user; call it TFSService; and make it member of local administrators group of TFS machine.
  6. Launch TFS setup and give this user when it asks for the service account.
  7. Use ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) tool to add users into ADAM’s adm namespace. ADAM is installed with TFS. My TFS machine was not AD server; so everything went smooth.
  8. If you have not yet installed Visual Studio 2005 on client machine, do so; also install Team Foundation Client modules.
  9. Connect to your TFS!!!
  10. If you are feeling sleepy and hungry like me; try refrigerator in the kitchen (lucky me; my wife backed couple of things today) eat something and go to bed ;)

I will try other things some other day; and if I try; I will post about that... For now; I am happy to see the following in the VS 2005!


Published Thursday, May 19, 2005 12:55 AM by khurram


# re: Installing Team Foundation Server

Thursday, May 19, 2005 3:17 AM by fakeGeek
I learnt one thing from this post:) If you wanna be a geek and you are married then its mandatory to know the art of keeping your kid/s busy :) while you are working...I mean that really was a set-up for the little one::):):):)..if you know what i mean?????
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