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Setting Up The First Team Foundation Project

Continuing my Team Foundation Server (TFS) fun, after dropping Abdullah at school I rush back to try creating a test project in TFS. Here are some discoveries


  1. The client machine should be on Active Directory (AD)
  2. The client should logged on to Domain, TFS Beta 2 doest support other scenarios yet.
    1. I created an account on domain, make it member of local administrators of both client as well as TFS machine. Add him into Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) ‘s adm namespace on TFS server.
  3. The default web site on TFS should be extended with Sharepoint Team Services; the Reporting Server’s virtual folders should be excluded from Sharepoint paths.
    1. You also have to create a separate IIS application pool for Reporting Server and make the two virtual folders of Reporting Server running under this separate application pool.
  4. Make sure the client can open Sharepoint and Report Server sites
  5. Then simply follow the New Team Project wizard ;)

I am getting late from office; will see the rest some other time. Here is my recent Team Explorer screen shot.


Published Thursday, May 19, 2005 9:51 AM by khurram


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