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SQL Server Reporting Services :: Security Settings Not Working

I love SQL Server Reporting Services. It’s very fine platform; has number of options for accessing reports; like web based portal; Sharepoint webparts; URLs and web services. Above this all; it provides extendibility at multiple points; like data providers; data rendering; report designing; report delivery and so forth.


Few weeks back; I tried implementing mySQL provider for Reporting Services; the partial implementation is still around; and its still in my not so important to-do list ;) As I developed the proof of concept and i was able to create a report using mySQL data which was satisfactory for my thirst at that time. My colleague is working on a thing which has mix data stores including mySQL. Now he is suppose to develop couple of reports around this system. I show-cased SQL-RS him today, and tried motivating to complete the mySQL data provider. He is starting to like the platform; lets hope he develop its desire.


Anyways; about my “learned thing of the day”: If you change security settings of folders or resources on Reporting Server using Report Manager (the web based portal) and things don’t work; reset IIS. That’s it; I spent an hour figuring it out why the heck its not hiding those folders which I was trying to hide from my team ;)

Published Friday, July 22, 2005 1:33 AM by khurram


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