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Khurd Burd

Unicef is giving aid in their Safe Motherhood program to different government hospitals (commonly knows has DHQ), especially in remote locations. Different Gynecology post graduate students are performing their duties in these district head quarters. My wife is one of them and is appointed in one such DHQ this month. She visited home yesterday after couple of days, and today I dropped her back. While driving; we chit chatted about Unicef’s program, and she told me that Unicef has been giving aid in their different programs, and this aid usually is in form of different medical equipment. She informed that DHQs have received number of times different equipment, but each time that equipment (which usually is very expensive) is khurd burd by local authorities and people at senior posts.

At the DHQ where she is working these days, the equipment they received was stored in their packing, and yesterday there was a Unicef visit, they opened up that gear, arrange’em in hospital, and after the visit all the equipment was packed again and sent to store, which definitely will khurd burd again after couple of weeks or months. Bad thing is, doctors perform duties in absence of required equipment sometimes, and if equipment is there, it’s in the bad state. The brand new equipment is either sold or being used in private clinics of senior doctors

Another relevant story is, that Unicef might has given funds to hire/engage graduate medical professionals to be a part of this program. Naturally Unicef contacts local representatives of medical and surgery organizations. What they do is they assign this duty to post graduate students forcefully who are doing their residency with these professors, the poor students have to do it, they have a fear that their professors will get angry and might not supervise them anymore, and finding supervisors are hard due to shortage. This is my assumption, I don’t know exact details of how much this is true..

Published Friday, August 5, 2005 1:49 PM by khurram
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