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SQL Server Compare

I am assigned a job in which I have to deal with multiple servers all running different variations of the product that we have built. For this I often need to compare and keep track of the differences, not only in applications but also in the databases that these app uses.

I have tried to have a formalized change management system, but still sometimes I have to compare the two SQL databases (the difference exists as a result of occasional minor bug fixes; manual queries/schema changes on the fly etc)

Few weeks ago my colleague found SQL Server Compare; it’s free and does the job. Last night I used it successfully to push changes we have made in our development system to couple of production servers. It’s a VB application; and may get freeze when comparing large databases. I also use a similar commercial tool; which no doubt is better, but if you need a free tool, I think it’s a good start. Here is what its web site says.

    • SQL Server Compare is an easy-to-use tool that compares 2 SQL Server database schemas and list differences.
    • Compares tables, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, users, views and record counts.
    • You can view or save SQL scripts of differing objects.

Published Thursday, August 25, 2005 11:33 AM by khurram
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