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Classic approach :: Wrapping it up in a modern way

One of my colleagues is working on a Payroll system. He is fresh graduate, and for him the web applications are how they are modeled in modern platforms like .NET


He was developing an interface for the “Manual attendance” in which the IN/OUT details of the employee is presented for the whole month, and any missing entry is entered before it’s posted to Finance modules. It was required that drop down lists for IN and OUT having time values are displayed for all days of the selected month. He was stuck in finding optimal ways using binding or populating the page with dynamically created controls.


We had a little chit chat session on the food and I tried making a point; that no doubt the modern approaches like code behind, data binding, control aggregations are very sophisticated things; but they are not always the optimal options. Sometime the old top/down Classic ASP style things can be useful. I introduced him how we used to code in old days and later we sat together and implemented a simple custom control using the classic asp model.



Above is the portion of how html is being generated. (Please note; I don’t have the final copy of the code; I am using the version from my desktop which is obviously is not performance optimized) Here is how it will be use on the actual stage.



Published Thursday, August 25, 2005 8:09 PM by khurram
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